Discover the CareMedic Solution

The Health Professionals’ Platform

The CareMedic IT management system is a complete pharmaco-medical solution that combines the specific expertise of all health care professionals to optimize their practice through access to a centralized, customizable and easy-to-navigate platform.
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A Smart Solution

Less Management: More Patients

At CareMedic, we believe that health care professionals’ records management should not be complicated. This is why we created an innovative solution that makes it easy to access the complete record of patients in your charge and to record any information relevant to their follow-up.

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Connected Professionals

A solution based on communication

Whether you are a doctor, pharmacist, beneficiary attendant or nurse, you can now work hand in hand with all health care professionals by recording your follow-up notes all in one place. A practical and effective technology that redefines the way you communicate between health care providers and with your patients.

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A Customized Tool

Features Adapted to your Needs

CareMedic‘s computer platform allows you to target the relevant modules for your practice and to configure its options to access them quickly. The same goes for the options that can be personalized in your patients’ application.

Simplified follow-ups

A Turnkey Solution

Find all the relevant medical and pharmacological information for the proactive follow-up of your patients, including:


Name, picture, address of home or nursing home, notice and details of temporary or permanent hospitalization or placement

Complete clinical follow-up notes

Personal and family medical history

Completed test and analysis results

Medication Calendar

Scheduled Medication Reminders

Secure Message and Video Conference System

Simplified exchanges between patients and professionals

Allergies and/or intolerances to consider

Simplified Prescription Renewal System

Detailed Pharmacological Follow-up, including:

The Patients’ Mobile Application

User-friendly and easy-to-use, the application powered by CareMedic allows you to consult all your medical and pharmaceutical information in one place with just a few clicks!