CareMedic Benefits for Pharmacists

Provide optimized follow-ups

A personalized approach and involved patients

Centralized Health Record (CHR)

Are you a pharmacist?

As you know, the specific branches of the health care system generally work in silos. Thus, information circulates fairly easily among professionals working in the same field through the independent computer system designed for their practice, but some relevant information for a patient’s proactive follow-up can sometimes be difficult to trace despite access to the Quebec Health Record (QHR) system.

Considering the procedures, searches and query delays for access to certain specific documents and results of in-depth analyses, diagnoses, clinical opinions or third-level recommendations filed by specialists in a separate file can make the administrative workload more burdensome.

However, CareMedic offers an innovative centralized technology that simplifies information exchange between all health care professionals through the creation and access to the Centralized Health Record (CHR) of each of their patients.

In short, using CareMedic, improve the quality of your pharmaceutical follow-ups and be proactive!

Data loss Prevention

Prevent data loss related to the sharing of printed documents by encrypting your patients’ personal information on a secure platform powered by Microsoft, a digital leader known for its global security and reliability standards.

Decongestion of the System

Contribute to reducing congestion of the health care system by using a centralized management technology that facilitates information exchange among health stakeholders.

By choosing CareMedic, thousands of relevant pieces of information are finally brought together in one convenient IT solution allowing health care professionals to devote more time to their patients.

Customized Application

Because CareMedic knows that every patient is unique, every Centralized Health Record (CHR) is no different. Therefore, our solution allows you to personalize the options presented in your patients’ application so that they are suited to their needs and make their browsing experience simpler.

Eco-friendly Solution

Thanks to CareMedic technology, you can finally reduce your ecological footprint by consulting most of your follow-up information in digital format.

Fewer printed documents: a great contribution for a healthy planet!

Simplified Billing

Your professional health advice, the follow-up of your patients’ responses to treatment and your recommendations recorded in their file are valuable information.

Using CareMedic‘s computer system, easily claim the fees and charges established by the health care system for every act and intervention performed.