CareMedic Benefits for Patients

Finally connected with your Health Care Professionals

Simplified communications. Optimized follow-up.

Centralized Health Record (CHR)

Regardless of the doctor, pharmacist, nurse or specialist consulted, find all the information, results or recommendations recorded in your Centralized Health Record (CHR).

By calling on the services of professionals who have chosen to adopt the CareMedic solution, you benefit from a personalized health follow-up and quality consultation time to address your questions and concerns without pressure.

With CareMedic, become the key element of a customized follow-up that makes your life easier and allows you to be fully involved.

Secure Platform

Since the protection of your personal data is one of our priorities, CareMedic gathers these data in a single secure Centralized Health Record (CHR) that requires your authorization to be consulted by a health care professional.

In short, a clever technology that keeps your information safe!

Interactive Follow-up

As the main person interested in your health, CareMedic gets you involved in your Centralized Health Record (CHR) in an interactive way and allows you to communicate directly with your health care professionals through its secure messaging system.

Therefore, you can easily inform the interveners involved in your file of your responses to prescribed treatments, the evolution of your condition or any concern to be discussed (ex: side effects, pharmacological interactions to be considered, etc.) so that they can quickly contact you either by phone or through the application.

Customized Application

Because CareMedic knows that every patient is unique, every Centralized Health Record (CHR) is no different. Therefore, our application allows your caregivers to customize your options so that they meet your needs and make your browsing experience simpler.

Medication Reminders

Careful compliance with your prescriptions is essential to the success of your treatments. This is why CareMedic saves you from medication omissions that could reduce its effectiveness by sending you personalized reminders through its application.

Therefore, you can easily follow the recommendations and instructions of your doctors and pharmacists and take the right medication at the right time, according to the dosage prescribed in your file.

If necessary, refer to the picture of the medication to be taken, as well as the fact sheet and the related details.